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How to safely change lot size?


My account is a micro account so the smallest lot it will take is 0.01
I have $7500 in this account.
My EA settings are:
Currently in the v9.03 here is what I have:
Hedging = true
Max Trades = 10
AutoLots = true
Free margin = 0.25
Lots = 0.1
Take profit = 19
Stop Loss = 1000
Trail SL = true
Trail Pips = 12
PositionGap = 75

So, I believe I have the default settings and have changed nothing. Here is my question......while I am pleased that the DD is small and profits are coming, its actually a little too slow for me. Given how small the DD is, I'd like to increase the lot size and go for a little bigger profits.

How would I safely do this?
What changes would I need to make to take it up a notch?
Nothing crazy or dangerous but just to the next level.


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