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If there is one position then it's TP working is very clear.
But when there are more than 1 open positions, I am unable to understand its TP working, can you explain?

visit the following to understand it's TP mechanism:

I have set the position size to be 0.1, but even then sometimes it uses 0.2 (i don’t know why it does this, it usually does this as the second trade).

visit the following:

I'm having problems with the words "Free Margin should be around : XXXX" at the top left corner of my mt4, it doesn't appear in my other FreeMargin_for_AutoLots size, it only occurs when I'm having decimal figures ... others used are 0.1 /0.2/2/5/10 only the 0.1 and 0.2 figures in the free margin for autolot encounters problems...

for eg. on forex.com if FreeMargin_for_AutoLots=0.2 then you may get message "Free Margin should be around : $7187"
Reason for asking $7187 [atleast]
Forex.com requires approx $14.3 to open its minimum lots size(0.01) on 1:100 leverage. So if you want to set FreeMargin_for_AutoLots=0.2 then you must have $7187 [because 0.2% of $7187 is $14.3]
So if you set 0.1 for this parameter you will get the mesage for $7187 X 2=$14300,
and similary if FreeMargin_for_AutoLots=1 then $1430,
or if FreeMargin_for_AutoLots=2 then $718, ..............
Now in any case if you have $1000 in your free margin, so it will try to open lots size which covers in 0.2% of $1000 = $2  and which is impossible as there is requirement atleast ~$14.3 with forex.com. So in this case it will open the smallest lots size which it can open, i.e. 0.01.

I entered my activation code and hit okay buy the smiley face wouldn't turn and frown upside down-he is still frowning.

If you are getting sad face instead of smile, then see the following snap & check the option which I red circled in this snap.

Frequently asked questions / icon on chart is not smiley, it is cross [x]
« on: January 06, 2010, 08:54:56 pm »
I am getting Cross(x) symbol on my chart instead of smiley, what is the wrong with my installation or settings?

Vsit the following to resolve your problem:

okay-I have it installed and can''t get to the smiley face as the settings will not save after I click okay. (I have installed many eas before so its not that I don''t know how to do it)

As you are saying settings are not saved on click on OK
It seems that, you did the correct installation, but to check the settings, may be you have clicked on the Aeron EA within left navigation panel on MT4. Please note that, every time you click on the EA within left navigation panel on MT4, EA comes in default(original) settings, so to check the settings, just click on the smile face icon on top right corner of EURUSD-1-Minute chart

I'm currently running on a demo. The demo is 100,000 account. The EA has taken 2 positions of 0.17 mini's on a 100k account. Is that correct? On the website it looks as though a position of that size should be run on a 5-10k account. I didn't program the software so I don't know.

Lots size will vary with every broker & diffrent account types(micro,mini,standard)
Please visit the following to understand its lots calculation:
The accounts on website www.aeroninfo.com are using all default settings, except FreeMargin_for_AutoLots=1

other posts / Re: no teme
« on: December 25, 2009, 09:14:41 am »
Yes, you can,

on twitter you can follow us "aeroninfo"

News/ Announcements / Unbelievable offer on Merry Christmas & New Year
« on: December 20, 2009, 12:03:01 pm »
Greetings to all,

Aeron is announcing the huge discount on the occasion of Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

This offer states:

All new customers can get Life Time version of Aeron at 30% discount. It means only at $419 instead of $599
to avail this offer, just visit the website http://www.aeroninfo.com & get your Aeron EA instantly

And for all our existing life time members can get its another copies at unbelievable discount [70%]. It means only at $180 instead of $599
to avail this offer, just login to your member's area, there you will find the link for this Huge Discount.

This offer is for very limited time, only around Christmas & New Year.

News/ Announcements / Leverage Free Aeron EA
« on: December 20, 2009, 03:37:09 am »
Greeting to all Aeron members.

Aeron has released the new version of EA. It is very same as previous one, except that it has the following new parameter & now it is leverage free [it will work with any leverage]

Now take the understanding of this parameter with comparing the previous one; In previous version, when you set AutoLots=TRUE, then it was calculating the Lots size on 1% of your Free-Margin.

But we noticed that some traders wants the auto lots calculation, but want to specify the % of free margin themselves. So by setting this parameter you can specify the % of free margin for Auto lots calculation.

Rest things are exactly same as previous one.

Please take a look at recent versions of Aeron EA:
1.  AeronForexAutoTrader_r9.03.ex4    [Lifetime version]
2.  AeronForexAutoTrader_30_r3.05.ex4    [30 days version]
3.  AeronForexAutoTrader_30_d3.05.ex4    [free trial]

If you want to ask anything, feel free to post/reply ......

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