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brokers / FAQs : Forex brokers with Aeron EA
« on: December 25, 2009, 08:14:23 am »
What account should I open for Aeron EA, Micro?? Mini?? standard??

You may open any account micro/mini/standard, but for best results with Aeron EA, your broker should providing micro lots for trading, i.e. you should be able to open 0.01, 0.02, 0.11  etc..... lots size on your account.

Which broker should I choose, with hedging OR without hedging?

Aeron EA has the option Hedging=TRUE/FALSE, however you should go with broker who is providing hedging; because sometimes may be due to rapidly movement of currency your buy positions may stuck for a few days, then in that situation if Hedging is available, EA will be able to trade in Sell positions, and continuously you will get profit.

It means I should choose the broker who is not under NFA, right?

Yes, exactly.

My broker is 5 digit, will it create problem?

No, you have no need to pay any attention with 4 digits or 5 digits broker.
Aeron EA automatically recognizes the 4-digits or 5-digits. You will get exactly same performance on 4-digits brokers & 5-digits brokers.

Should I need to do any settings for 5-digits brokers in Aeron EA?

No, it handles automatically in Aeron EA. Just forget that, whether you broker is 4-digit or 5-digit.

If there is anymore question in your mind regarding brokers selection, feel free to post here.

installation / Re: Activation of Aeron EA
« on: December 23, 2009, 03:44:49 am »
Dear kenson,
nice question :)

This is only because of, as we also state that, its working on Demo & Real are exactly same, so we want for users who are just trying it on demo before on real a/c, gets the same experience.

If any user is able to install/activate successfully on demo, then he/she can assure that, it will also exactly same on real a/c

leverage requirement for EA / Re: It works only on 100:1 or less
« on: December 17, 2009, 12:12:25 pm »
It is the common problem with Alpari-UK.
Your leverage is higher then 100:1, however you chosen 100:1; so contact to Alapri-UK, they can change your account's leverage to 100:1.

Hello Aeron

I have opened a demo account with Alpari-UK.

I have choosen leverage as 1:100. But after activating EA, an allert "leverage should be 100 or less" is displaying. Where is the problem?


Hi compton,
As Aeron does averaging(martingale system), so there should be sufficent margin to hold positions.

You are getting the message "free margin should be around $1500"; It is minimum recommended margin for your account, you may deposit later, but you should cautious about this.

Aeron EA settings / Re: What are the optimum settings?
« on: December 17, 2009, 05:55:09 am »
If from 2 weeks, you are getting only long trades, then check the following:
Open EA settings,
In "Common" tab, there should be selected "Long & Short Positions"
In "Inputs" tab, Hedging=TRUE

I am using EA on demo account with prime4x since last 2 weeks. It is trading only long positions. Am I doing something wrong or it is normal?

Aeron EA settings / Re: What are the optimum settings?
« on: December 17, 2009, 05:50:06 am »
Hello Peter,
For rapidly movement of currency in one direction, like more 600+ pips. You settings should be very conservative.
For conservative settings,

and set the lots size, not more than 0.5% of your free margin.

Hi Aeron

Will above settings be able to save account to wipe out in case if market goes 600 or more pips in opposite trend?


installation / Re: Missed downloading EA
« on: December 17, 2009, 05:38:47 am »
Hello Garg,
Just contact the Aeron-Support on support@aeroninfo.com or forexautotrader@aeroninfo.com

Aeron EA settings / Re: Settings for Intraday Hadging
« on: December 16, 2009, 01:03:25 pm »
Hello hannery,
EA will not work with intraday hedging. Broker must be capable to hold hedged position [buy & sell both] for day another day.

However you can trade with IBFX, using the Hedging=FALSE in Aeron EA.

Aeron Info

EA Performance & it's mechanism / Re: Factors affecting EA's performance
« on: December 16, 2009, 12:58:20 pm »
Hello bill,
Low spreads are always good, but it is true, some brokers widen spreads during volatile market conditions.
But you will not see any significance change in EAs performance by this.

Aeron Info

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